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How Does Activated Charcoal Soap Works?

How Does Activated Charcoal Soap Works? - This is a special kind of charcoal that has been treated by oxygen to open up the millions of tiny pores between the carbon atoms. This process of "activating" gives way to a fine, black, odorless and tasteless powerful detoxifying powder.

The finer the particle size of an activated carbon, the better the access to the surface area and the faster the rate of adsorption kinetics. Whoa! this is amazing! Imagine a gram of activated carbon has the surface area of about 500 square meters. That's about one tenth the size of a football field.

What happens if you load over one gram of activated charcoal to a soap batch? Yes, it will turn out jet-black with super detoxifying powers. The micro-porous activated charcoal powder will act like little magnets to gently lift excess facial oil, deep-seated pore cloggers and toxins. Pure clean, squeaky clean goodness!

Today, TOP is rethinking skin care and a short history of beauty care using activated bamboo charcoal (takesumi) a well-kept secret of Japanese skin care. Nothing to hide, TOP black soap is generously loaded with ABC (activated bamboo charcoal), pure vegetable glycerine, Australian tea tree essential oil and pure 100% passion!

This TOP Black Soap is ideal for:

  • - combination to very oily skin
  • - acne prone skin
  • - alternate use with moisturizing/nourishing soaps
  • - deep-pore cleansing before applying skin healing oils (rosehip, emu, vit e serum)

*notice how your skin absorbs healing oils quickly after using TOP Activated Charcoal Soap.
Use regularly and notice a nice glow in your skin.
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