Minggu, 08 Februari 2015

Type of Activated Carbon

Powder Activated Carbon(PAC)less than 0.18 mm or under 80 meshMainly used in municipal waterworks and flu gas treatment. Typically, PAC will be applied in process stream and after a certain contact time, separated by filtration or settling.
Granular Activated CarbonRanging from 0.2-5 mm or 80 mesh over such as 4×8, 8×30 and 12×40*Used in liquid and gas phase application. Mostly used in fixed or moving filter beds.
Extruded activated CarbonCylindrical shape with diameter from 0.8-5 mmUsed in gas phase e application due to low pressure drop
*Normally, 8×30, 12×40 is suitable for liquid phase while 4×8 is for gas phase.

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